Here's what's trending in flooring today!

Here's what's trending in flooring today!

Trends can mean so much for your new floors and remodeling service. They offer a wealth of benefits that will serve every decor-matching need.

But trends can do much more, depending on your household's needs. So be sure to find out about today's current trends for your complete satisfaction.

Ideas for your flooring trend needs

Some trends differ between product types, while others are similar. Here are a few product lines and the trends you can expect from them.


Color trends include neutral blues and grays in a variety of styles. But you'll also see bold and multi-color options.

At our flooring company, you’ll find other trends like Frieze and durable options for your busy home. Be sure to ask which trends fit your specific need.


You can expect whitewashed and light stain color trends to be prevalent. But high variation looks work better for certain types of decor.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Gray, blue, and whitewashed colors are also trending in luxury vinyl. But so are installation layouts like herringbone and extensive format options.

You'll also see trending patterns such as geometric shapes, focusing on hexagons. These unique options offer a popular choice for many new floors.

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At Carpet Image Services Inc., you'll find a wide variety of materials in our inventory. And our experienced associates will help you match them with your specific needs.

We understand that trends can give you the very best results. And we'll ensure you see all those that cater to your preferences.

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